4 Ways to Embrace Your Hair This Valentine’s Day


When talking about hair, there’s always the case of “the grass is greener on the other side”. Girls with curly hair often wish theirs was straight while those with straight hair want theirs to be curly. For whatever reason… we’re hardly ever satisfied with the hair that we’ve got.

Styling your hair for special occasions is one thing, but learning to love the tresses you were born with is an empowering feeling. This Valentine’s Day, instead of the usual posts about couples and romance, we’re dedicating this post to all about loving your hair and celebrating who you are – not just this Valentine’s day, but every day!

Put Down The Styling Tools 

It’s time to ditch the straightener and curling iron. If you’re someone that spends several hours styling your hair, try taking a break. Styling tools can not only damage your hair, but it can also turn into a habit where you feel like you need to style your hair a certain way for it to look good. 
Take the day off and just leave the house with your natural hair. You’ll be surprised by all of the compliments you’ll receive about how gorgeous your hair looks!

Try A New Style 

If you’re bored with your current hairstyle, there’s nothing wrong with testing out new haircuts or styles. After all, there are a plethora of amazing things that you can do with your natural hair. Try a new updo with your curly hair or test out some complicated braids with your straight hair.

By having fun with your natural hair and trying out new styles and looks, you’ll be more inclined to embrace your particular hair type or colour and all that it can do for you. 


Embrace Your Hair’s Flaws

We’ve all had that day where we’ve woken up and our curls have fallen flat or we’re the queen of frizz. Instead of getting frustrated and having negative thoughts like “This wouldn’t happen if my hair was straighter”, think about all of the positives of your current hair texture and embrace its imperfections. Here are some great things about various hair textures:

Fine hair – You don’t have to deal with tangles, and it almost always looks silky smooth.

Kinky hair – With hair that has a kinky texture, you’ll be able to style it so many different ways.

Curls – Curly hair looks great at almost any length and it’s incredibly simple to style.

Wavy hair – One of the most malleable hair textures, you can wear it a variety of different ways. 


Remember That You’re Unique

It’s normal to want to have hair that’s similar to a certain celebrity or friend. At the end of the day though, it’s important to remember that we’re all unique. Just like we’ve all got our own personalities and distinct physical traits, your hair is part of what makes you, you. It’d be boring if everyone looked the same and had the exact same hairstyle. 

So, put on an outfit that you love, let your hair down (literally) and have an amazing day out – all while embracing your natural hair texture and loving who you are.  After all, you deserve to feel fantastic and special every single day! 


We hope you’ve enjoyed this article on embracing your hair this Valentine’s Day. Let us know if we’ve missed out on any hair textures or if you’ve got some other tips that you’d like to share. If you’ve got any questions or requests for upcoming blogs, email us at hello@edenhairextensions.com.au. We’d love to hear from you and you could even be featured on our socials! 

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