Breaking Down Kim K's New Platinum Hairstyles


Love her or hate her, Kim Kardashian knows how to make a statement. This time, it is all about the hair and we are living for it.

Since gracing the Met Gala carpet in May, Kim K has been rocking various platinum blonde hairstyles. From short bob to long tussled looks – Kim can do no wrong. We don't know if it's the platinum hair or all the loved-up vibes that Kim has been receiving from Pete (is it really that BDE?) either way, Kim is glowing.

Here is a breakdown of some of our fav looks!

Let us know your thoughts are in the comments. Love it, leave it or meh!

Embrace the Re-growth Hunny!

Kim Kardashian Sleek Back Hair

 I may be starting out with an unconventional opinion here, but I am all for the roots! What is so wrong with them anyhow? I love the contrast and dimension that it adds to a look. It is edgy and non-conformist. Kim K adds a splash of class to re-growth with this paired back, low bun. This hairstyle is super versatile. It can be worn for a special night out or a trip to the grocery store in your joggers. Its minimal, it’s classic and we love it.

The Short Bob


This look had me gagging ;O – okay I know I’m dramatic but it is so good. This simple bob is the perfect hairstyle for the hot Australian summer, which is quickly approaching & can transform your look. Also, I don’t know about you, but my hair inspires by wardrobe. Some looks just scream for a certain aesthetic and this look is nailing it.

If you’re afraid, like I have been, of cutting your hair short and then getting bored quickly, no fret. Eden Clip In Extensions are the perfect way to add back any length you may be missing whilst you rock this go to look.

Watch this tutorial by Casee Brimblecomb as she shows you how she styles her Eden Clip In Extensions on her blunt bob. Casee is wearing 220g Bleach Blonde Eden Clip In Extensions. 

The 2000’s Strand Bangs

My teenage years were in the early 2000’s, so I have personally dubbed this look “The 2000’s Strand Bangs”. If you had the pleasure of growing up in this period, you would know that it was transitioning from a punk period with the rise of bands like Nirvana & Blink 182, to rap culture with hits like Get Low (you know what song I am talk about) and Shake That Thing. It was a time of uncertainty and our hair reflected this. It didn’t know if it wanted to be up or down.

In the 2000’s it was a must to have your two front pieces of your hair out whilst wearing a ponytail. Pieces of hair that would sweep across your face, annoyingly, but would also add a sense of mystery & IDGAF to your look.  Regardless, this look from Kim K, is both nostalgic and a go-to. We say bring back the strand bangs!

Tussled Waves

Tussled Waves are never, ever a bad idea. It adds so much volume and texture to your hair and can be easily re-created with a curling wand and sea salt spray. You don’t need a $1000/hour hairstylist, like Kim K to create this look. If you don’t have enough hair to create this look, Eden Clip Ins or Tape Extensions are the perfect accessory to give you length and volume.

Watch this tutorial by Emily Farmer as she shows you how she creates her go-to tussled waves.

If you’re feeling daring enough to recreate these styles and are loving this hair colour, check out our Icy Blonde Eden Clip In Extensions or Tape In Extensions which are the exact colour match to replicate Kim K’s new go to look. 

Thanks for reading our unsolicited opinions today LOL, and we hope to see you again soon.


Much love and light!

Whitney London,

Eden Hair Extensions

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