5 Easy Date Night Hairstyles with Clip-Ins


Ah, the month of February – also known as the month of romance, flowers and chocolate. Whether you’ve got a romantic date planned with your honey, or a night out hitting the town with your friends, have fun getting ready by picking out an outfit you like and matching it with an amazing hairstyle. 

For some hairstyle inspiration, we’ve got five date night hairstyles to get you started (from an elegant ponytail to vintage hair with a twist). Best of all, these date night hairstyles use clip-ins, so they’re incredibly easy and you’ll be date-ready in no time at all. 

Hairstyle #1: Simple and Straight

Sometimes a simple and straight hairstyle is all you need to impress. Not only does it look great, but streamlined strands have a graphic appeal and they’re also approachable. Plus, they’re a versatile look that can go with ANY outfit. Tank tops, jeans, dresses, skirts – you name it.

For a look like this, all you’ve got to do is clip in some 220g Ash Blonde Clip-ins, break out the flatiron and add some finishing spray before heading out for the night.


Hairstyle #2: Elegant Ponytail 

Heading out somewhere fancy with your date or your mates? You can’t go wrong with an elegant ponytail. This stunning look will not only accentuate your curves, but it’s sure to turn heads too. Best of all, it’s a quick look that’ll literally take minutes. 

All you’ve got to do is clip on some 160g Dirty Blonde Clip-ins, curl your hair with a curling iron and tie it up. Don’t forget to leave a strand of your hair out so you can wrap it around your hair tie as a finishing touch. Want a more voluminous look? Insert a hair clip underneath the top section of your ponytail to make it even fluffier.


Hairstyle #3: Loose and Casual Curls

Looking for a seductive hairstyle that’s an absolute classic for date-night adventures? We’ve got some glamorous springy curls that’ll have you both looking and feeling fantastic. Add in some 220g Jet Black Clip-insto your hair, whip out the curling iron and you’ve got yourself an incredible look.

If you’re not keen on having that much volume, here’s a tip for an equally gorgeous look. Take a pinch of your hair and hold it back with a hairclip or a hair tie for a half up-do. It’s that simple!


Hairstyle #4: Dutch Braids

Braids. Braids. Braids. The dutch braids look has taken the hairstyle world by storm – especially since plenty of celebrities have been seen rocking this look. That aside, dutch braids are great for any hair type and it also works beautifully on both wet and dry hair. Sold? So are we. 

To dutch braid, you’ll be crossing the hair underneath sections versus over – that’s french braiding. It’s a hairstyle that’s not difficult to master and it’ll have you date-ready in no time at all. Want some longer dutch braids? Just clip in some 120g Off Black Clip-ins for a super-sleek look with results that are well worth it.


Hairstyle #5: VintageWaves With a Twist 

Last, but certainly not least are vintage waves. We’ve been lusting over wavy hair for months now – especially the ones on the big screen (The Great Gatsby, anyone?) Silky smooth hair and oh-so-sexy waves have always looked like a complicated look, but not anymore. 

Master the perfect vintage wave by clipping in some 240g Mocha Brown Clip-ins and finishing off with a hair curler and some textured spray. Jazz up the look with a headband or some additional hair accessories like a pretty clip.


We hope you’ve enjoyed these date night hairstyles, and let us know which one you’ll be trying out this February! If you’ve got any questions, requests for upcoming blogs or would like to share an image of the hairstyles that you’ve tried, email us at hello@edenhairextensions.com.au. You could even be featured on our socials! 

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