Must Have Hairstyles for the Festive Season

 “Start your day with a dance party!” – anonymous

Holiday & End of Year celebrations are here! We’re sure you’ve selected your outfits for this seasons special occasions, have you thought about your hair do though? Let us help you with some inspo & checkout our top four picks that are so on trend this festive period.

Long Sleek Hair

This is the hottest look out in 2017 and what a better way to finish off the year than killing it with this do. Kim Kardashian really bought this look in with her gorgeous long, brunette hair.


To create this look, apply some frizz free heat protector into your hair. Then, straighten your hair in very small segments, this is to ensure all is completely straight. Repeat this step with your clip in your Eden Hair Extensions  then clip them into your hair as usual. Lastly, use a high gloss hair spray to intensify this look and keep it looking fresh all night long.

Big Ponytail
You can never go wrong with this look. It’s very current and super easy to create, less than 5 mins. Adding in some Eden Clip Ins will create a fuller look.
To create this great look, gather your hair up into one bunch and tie. You can cover the hair tie using a small segment of your hair, wrap it around and secure with bobby pins. Grab the rest of your hair then start to slightly tease it from the roots to the ends, in order to create that fuller look. Lastly, spray with some hairspray to secure the look.
 Loose Waves

For a more modest hair do this is the one for you. Loose waves look great and can be created without any last minute dramas, no salon necessary.  Firstly put a texurising product in your hair so you create a great base.

Using a curling iron (preferably between 1.5 and 2 inches) on a 45-degree angle and curl your hair away from your face in medium size sections. Once you have curled the rest of your hair, spray with hair spray. Finally, carefully brush through the curls to great the loose wave effect.

Sparkle Hair

Sparkle into the New Year with this super hot hair trend. There are so many ways to glitterfy your hair but the most popular is down your part. It creates a dramatic look, which doesn’t take long at all.

You will need a bowl and brush so you can work the glitter gel before applying. Doing it this way will prevent your whole bathroom turning into a post glitter bomb party.

To create, mix up your chunky glitter (Don’t use fine glitter, it will never come out!) and hair gel, you can use any hair gel you already have at home.

Then dip the brush into the DIY hair glitter gel and add to your roots and brushing it down your hair, about 3-4cm down. Let the first layer dry slightly before adding the next layer. Once the desired amount is applied finish it off with a strong hold hair spray.

Getting great hair for this season can be super easy and allows you to stress about the major things like if you’re on the naughty or nice list!

Any questions? Would you like help selecting your perfect Eden colour? Email us at as we would love to hear from you.

Lots of love, Eden Hair Extensions xoxo

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