5 summer hairstyles you’ll want to try asap


It’s that time of the year where summer’s upon us. Whether you’re planning some get-togethers with mates, hitting the beach or grabbing a drink during those cool and breezy evenings, there’s one important to think about: what you’re going to do with your hair.

To help, we’ve got five go-to hairstyles for the summer from effortless mermaid waves to an inspo-worthy loose up-do. Let’s just say everyone’s going to be incredibly jealous when you show up with one of these summer hairstyles.

Stunning Mermaid Waves

Of all the hair possibilities out there, one of our favourite summer hairstyles are these gorgeous mermaid waves. Not only do they have a soft and feminine look to them, but the curls are loose so they’re not as dressy – perfect for pairing with jeans and a cami.

Achieving this hairstyle is also really easy (lucky you!). All you need is 240g of our Bleach Blonde Clip Ins, a curling iron, some textured spray and you’re good to go. Clip in your extensions, spritz on the spray, curl your hair with the iron, rake your fingers through and you’ve got some perfectly tousled mermaid waves.


Half-Up, Half-Down Look with a Twist

Either than figuring out what to wear, a common text you’ve probably asked your mate is “should I wear my hair up or down?”. Instead of going back and forth and deciding what looks best for your outfit, why not do both?

This simple half-up, half-down look is not only super chic, but the twist adds a little something to the overall hairstyle. Best of all, it won’t take you hours to put together. Clip in some 220g Dirty Blonde Clip Ins, curl your hair with an iron, tease a part of it into a bun and you’re done. To keep your summer hairstyle in place, spritz on some flexible-hold hairspray before you head out.

Low and Messy Bun


Forget the slick bun up-do and give off summery vibes with this low and slightly messy bun. It’s the perfect summer hairstyle for if you’re in a little bit of a rush, and will take you only about two minutes or less.

This hairstyle works best with a little bit of volume so clip in some of our 160g Ash Blonde Clip Ins for a fuller and messier look. For even more volume, you can also work a texturizing spray through your hair.


A Fun and Flirty Look

Fun and flirty summer hairstyle

Summer’s all about having fun, so why not do exactly that by adding a pop of colour to your hair? It’s sure to get you in the summer spirit ASAP. Some popular hair colours to go for include pastel pink, silver and if you’re feeling extra adventurous – try a multi-coloured look.

While highlighting or adding some colour to your hair is a great way to spruce up your look, it can also damage your tresses. Avoid that by bleaching or dyeing hair extensions instead. We recommend the 220g Ash Blonde Clip Ins that you can have fun experimenting with without the damage – what a win.

High Ponytail

High ponytail summer hairstyle

You can’t go wrong with a high ponytail. Made famous by celebrities from Beyonce to Ariana Grande, this snatched look is one to try out for your summer event this year. It’s an ultra-high and super-sleek look that needs a bit of work (hairspray, ponytail hooks, sculpting gel, brushes – you’ve got the idea), but the results are well-worth it.

For a much simpler way to get the high ponytail look, say hello to our clip-in dirty blonde ponytail. They’re incredibly easy to use and will have you achieving this textured and high-fashion look in no time at all.


We hope you’ve enjoyed these five go-to hairstyles and feel free to let us know which one’s your favourite! If you’ve got any questions, requests for upcoming blogs, or would like to share any of these hairstyles that you’ve created, please email us at hello@edenhairextensions.com.au as we would love to hear from you!



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