We’re saying it. We are in LOVE with ourselves.


Eden is hijacking the traditional Valentine’s Day messaging by promoting self-love, you don’t need anyone, but you. YOU deserve all the love this V-Day.

  We’re often so hard on ourselves, especially this time of year when couples are sharing love notes all over Instagram.  

We’ve all been there, thinking up 6 impossible things that we want changed about ourselves, all before breakfast. These are usually, mostly, about our appearance.

  Hurtful comments include “I’m too fat.” “My skin tone is uneven.” “My hair is dry with split ends.” “I wish I were taller.” “I wish I had a smaller nose.” By the time breakfast is over we’re so hard on ourselves it leaves us feeling flat and insecure. But no one is telling us these lies, we’re doing it all on our own.  

Being a better version of you isn’t a bad thing, unless your better version is impossible. There are things about us that we can’t change; it’s who we are and what makes us unique, it’s what we need and should love about ourselves. And by obsessing over these negative mean thoughts, we lose our happy. We’re not saying that with a flick of a switch you can start loving yourself, but you can do things to begin making the shift. Here a few things you might want to hear today:  

  • Follow Instagram profiles that inspire you whilst aligning with your values (and ditch the ones that don’t)
  • Put your phone away and do something else. As simple as it sounds, indulge in a good book, layout in the hammock, take a walk and grab a coffee.
  • Practice self-love. Listen to podcasts, audio books, audio that you can listen to on the go and have you fist pumping over the motivation vibes.
  • Lead the way. Wear what you want to wear and what makes you feel good. Remember there’s no such thing as a bikini body.
  • [insert meme – Eden branding]
  • Toxic friends? See ya! Say goodbye to the ones that don’t make you feel good. A friendship is two sided.

  There’s no question, the accomplishment of an important goal can lead to feeling motivated, happy and successful – we know the feeling. But we can put so much focus on getting to the actual goal we’ve set, that we can overlook the pure enjoyment from making a little progress or doing a little good for someone. You might align yourself with a business that you love, or contribute to something that makes a difference, all are important today, in this very moment.

  This is a little reminder that happiness and love come from the little things, not always the big things. Take some time to do the little things that can as quoted by Marie Kondo “spark joy” and brings some happy love into V-Day.   Here are some fun things to do over this week of love.  

  1. Indulge in a DIY Spa Day Pamper yourself with a face mask, DIY mani-pedi, a relaxing bath with nice candles and some relaxing music. You deserve the best, so treat yourself like the queen that you are
  2. Volunteer
Show your love and feel the love by volunteering. Check out volunteer roles here - https://www.volunteer.com.au/
  1. Treat Yourself If you've had your eye on special something, a big-ticket item or something small that will make you smile, treat yourself.
  2. Unplug for the day Put the phone down. No need to look at everyone else’s red roses.
  3. Get out in nature Take a run or walk or lay in the sun and read a book. Connecting with nature in whatever way you can help you centre yourself, and a little exercise never hurts either.
  4. Cook or bake! If you love cooking make something yummy for dinner. If you don’t like cooking [hand up] order in with one or a bunch of your GF’s.

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