Pro tips to ensure your Eden Clip Ins are blended to the Gods!


Watch as Casee Brimblecombe shares how she blends her Eden Bleach Blonde Clip Ins

When it comes to hair extensions, blending is the magic that brings it all together. It’s the Jay-Z to Beyoncé, sun to the moon, beauty blender to your foundation. When these two things come together, the world makes more sense. We know we have a flare for the drama, but seriously… if you master these pro tips your hair will always be fleeky.

Pro Tip 1: Tuck away those shorter pieces guurrl!

If you have shorter, blunt hair we recommend braiding & bobby pinning the back section of your hair. To do this, begin by sectioning your hair from the nape of the hair line to 2-3 inches above the nape. Once you have sectioned this hair, braid it in a 3-strand braid and pin it up. Once you have completed this, take a 3 or 4 clip weft and place it just above the braid. This ensure that these shorter pieces don’t stand out. Confused?! Watch the video above to see exactly what we mean 😊.

eden russian tapes

Model is wearing 160g Eden Ash Blonde Clip Ins

Pro Tip 2: Curl & Blend

We love this pro tip, that is super easy to do! Curl your extensions and your hair to blend them both together. This adds texture to your hair and the extensions, giving it a tousled look and preventing any lines of demarcation. You can use either a straightener, curling wand or iron; any styling tool will work.

Pro Tip 3: Straighten & Blend

Sometimes, the easiest thing to do is the best. This is the case with our 3rd pro tip. After applying your Eden Clip ins, begin to take sections of your hair and flat iron them with your extensions. This helps because it is blend/binds the follicles of your hair with the follicles of extensions. This only takes 5-10 minutes and will have your hair looking sleek… just like you.

Pro Tip 4: Wash your extensions before wearing them

If you find that your Eden’s are a lot shinier then your hair or that the lustre of your hair does not match, give them a gentle wash with conditioner. The reason this helps is because the lustre (the shine of the hair) of the extensions, which have been washed with a conditioning serum before being packaged, is often a lot silkier and shinier than most women’s hair. Especially if your hair has been dyed or treated with chemicals. By washing them, you ensure that your hairs lustre and the lustre of the extensions matches & blends more seamlessly. Also, by rinsing this conditioning serum out, the hair is easier to curl, straighten and style.

Skye has had her custom toned 220g Eden Bleach Blonde Clip Ins cut to blend with her hair.

Pro Tip 5: Cut & Blend

Our last pro tip is to take your Eden’s to your trusted hairdresser and have her blend them for you. What she will do, is simple cut layers into your extensions to match the layers of your hair. This will ensure that your extensions will match perfectly. We recommend asking her to number the clip ins, on the wefts of the clip, from 1-10. Starting with 1 at the back of your head/first clip in applied, through to 10. This way you know which clip in goes where and can apply them at home with ease.

We hope you have enjoyed these pro-tips to blending your Eden Clip In Extensions to the Gods. If you have any other questions about how to blend your Eden’s or anything else, please contact us at We would love to hear from you.

Have a great!

Lots of love,

Eden Hair Extensions.

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