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We are so happy to bring you our latest blog, which will make choosing your perfect Eden shade simple and easy.

Eden Hair Extensions come in 11 of the most popular & common shades, to match all hair colours. The 11 shades we offer are: 11 Shades to choose from: Jet Black #1, Off Black #1B, Mocha Brown $1C, Dark Brown #2, Chocolate Brown #4, Chestnut Brown #6, Dirty Blonde #18, Bleach Blonde #613, Ash Blonde #60, Ombre Chestnut 1C/6, Ombre Blonde 2/18

All our 11 shades are multi-tonal, which means that there are multiple colours in each shade. Example, our dirty blonde you will see honey golden colours, chestnut brown colours and bleach blonde streak throughout it. We have purposely done this, so that our extensions match with all women within that hair family. Therefore, even if the shade is not the exact colour it will act as a low light or a highlight because it is not a block shade, rather a dynamic colour to blend with your hair. It is like having streaks added throughout your hair. Therefore, we recommend selecting the Eden shade that is most like your current hair colour and it will match amazingly. Also, all Eden Hair Extensions are 100% Remy, Human Hair (the highest quality) and can be dyed or toned to achieve any hair colour you desire. Learn more about our extensions here.

Want to double check to see if the Eden shade you think is right for you, really is? Check out our colour samples & order any of our 11 shades to see if it the right match for you.

All Eden’s are treated with hypoallergenic & organic dyes and conditioners. This ensure that the hair is kept in its most natural, beautiful state. Allowing for you to enjoy your Eden Hair Extensions for months & years.

We hope you enjoy this vlog and if you have any questions or would like further assistance picking your perfect Eden Shade please email us at as we would love to hear from you!

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