Frequently Asked Questions Series – How do I Clip In my Eden’s?


What’s the saying again…ask and it shall be given?! We have received a lot of feedback, from our amazing customers, saying you would like more blogs dedicated to your frequently asked questions. That’s why, for the next 2 months, we will be delivering you a series of blogs addressing your most frequently asked questions! If there is anything that you are wanting to know more about send us an email or suggestion at and we will create a blog/tutorial around it for you!

Let’s get started with one of our most frequently asked questions!

Question: How do I apply my Eden Clip Ins?

Whether you’re a long-time hair extensions wearer or a newbie, Eden Clip Ins are super easy to use. Follow this 4 -step process to applying your Eden Clip Ins. With a couple practise sesh you will be able to apply your Eden’s in 10 minutes or less, we pinkie swear!

Step 1: Begin by horizontally sectioning your hair 3-4 inches from the nape of your neck with a wide tooth comb or your finger, whatever you prefer.

Quick FAQ: All Eden Clip Ins come with 10 pieces in total and are a full head set.  

Step 2: Take a 3 or 4 clip in piece, open each clip and then begin applying your clip in piece from one side of your head to the other side. Our Clip Ins are made with silicone grip and will comfortably remain snug on your head. It is not essential that you backcomb, or hair spray the sections of hair that meet with the clips. However, if you like this extra grip…you girl.

Quick Tip: use 3, 4 clip in pieces at the widest part of your head.

Step 3: Now that you have used your 3 & 4 clip pieces towards the back and middle of your head. Begin by taking your 2 & 1-piece clip in pieces and apply these to the side of your head, blending your extensions in with any layers and face framing pieces.

Quick Tip: To ensure a flawless blend apply your clip ins 1-2 inches away from your hairline.

Step 4: Style your Eden’s however you desire, and you’re done!

Quick Tip: Use heat protectant spray on your extensions whenever you use heat tools.  

Want a more detailed explanation? Check out Eden Angel Erin Scott as she shows us how she clips in her Eden Clip Ins.

We hope you have enjoyed the first of our Frequently Asked Questions series and please email us at if you have any questions or you would like assistance picking your perfect Eden shade.

Lots of love,

Eden Hair Extensions.

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