How to dye your Eden Extensions at Home – DIY


Do you like to switch up your hair colour but don’t want to damage your own hair? Or maybe you want to dye your Eden’s to match your hair perfectly! Then this article is for you!

As your Eden’s are 100% human hair, they can be dyed and toned to achieve whatever colour your heart desires.

A word of advice before we get started – if you don’t have previous experience dying your hair, please take it slow. ALWAYS test whatever product you are using on a small sample piece of the hair, before testing it on the whole set. Now that we have that covered….let’s get started!

1.) Start with a Fresh Canvas: Before dying your Eden’s ensure they are clean. If you have used any product on your hair before dying or toning your hair, this may cause different sections of the hair to grab to the product differently. Clean and air dry to your Eden’s is the best way to start.

2.) Check the Ingredients: Ensure that whatever product you are using is sulphate free and begin by lightly apply this to your Eden’s. As some products will take to extensions a bit quicker then others, please ensure to check the colour every 2-3.

Follow along as #EdenAngel Amea May shows us how she dyes her Eden’s Hair Extensions.

3.) Ombre Hair – Trying to achieve that ombre effect with your Eden’s? Begin by laying out each weft on either tin foil or a surface that you are fine with getting dye on. Then grab a tint brush – you can buy this at any local Priceline or beauty supply shop. Take a small bit of hair dye and begin with light feathery strokes from the top of the weft downward. This motion will help you achieve a perfect transition from each shade; no harsh lines. Repeat this on all wefts.

4.) Dying the Whole Set: If you are dying/toning the whole set, ensure to dye each weft, one at a time and saturate the hair thoroughly. Start from the top of the weft and work your way done to the ends. Once you have applied the product make sure to watch over your Eden’s as the product will take quickly. We like to check the colour every 4-5 minutes.

5.) Wash & Condition: After you have completed dying your extensions, ensure to thoroughly rinse each weft to ensure that all dye has come out. Then, deep condition your Eden Hair Extensions for 20-30 minutes. Dying or toning your extensions strips moisture from the hair and you will want to condition them to give them some shine and oomph back!

6.) Air Dry & Enjoy– Last step is to air dry your Eden’s and voila! You have your new, fresh and gorgeous dyed or toned extensions.

If you have any questions about how to dye your Eden’s or any other colour please email us at

We hope you’ve enjoyed this article.

Much love,
Eden Hair Extensions.

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