Eden Angel Interview – Feat. Casee Brimblecombe


Brisbane girl, Casee Brimblecombe is one of our fav Vloggers & who wouldn’t love her?!! With a great sense of humour, style and relatable demeanour, Eden Angel, Casee is a total #girlboss.

No wonder Casee has over 150,000 + YouTube followers and 14,000+ Instagram followers.

If you’re looking for the latest fashion trends, advice, hauls and reviews, she is your girl. And don’t forget, her stunning easy to create make up tutorials.


What 5 words best describe you?

Exuberant, loyal, boujee, loving and quirky.

What’s your fav beauty must-haves?

Call me a basic b*tch, but I cannot live without my glow! Highlighter, no matter what brand, is my #1 beauty must have!

Run through your morning routine?

Wake up, lay in bed for about half an hour checking my socials. Feed my darling pup Sonny, then myself of course. Then I head to the gym or do a workout from home depending on my mood. Then I’ll usually head outside to tan whilst catching up on my favourite YouTuber’s latest uploads.

What’s your go-to hairstyle for a night out?

I either go for sexy glamorous waves or a slick low bun.

Watch Casee, as she takes us on her Eden Russian Tape Makeover…You won’t believe these results! 

Who do you look to for beauty inspo?  

Chloe Morello is my queen! Not only does she have killer beauty skills, her personality is bomb!

What motivates you to post content with women online?

I’m a big advocate for self-love and body confidence as I have struggled with both of these issues when I was younger. Knowing that I can help women out there build there own by spreading my positive messages, makes everything I do worthwhile.

What’s your fav hair tips and tricks?

I posted a YouTube video on my fave hair hack only recently. To blend my Eden Hair Extensions seemlessly when you have a blunt haircut, pin up a small section of hair at the back near your neck. Then clip the extensions onto the pinned hair. Apply the rest as usual and you’ll have no short pieces of short hair showing! Perfect seamless long hair!

If you were stranded on a deserted island, which hunk would you like to be with? 

Chris Hemsworth! He is actually my God!

Casee wears 220g Eden Clip Ins in shade Bleach Blonde – 613

Why do you love Eden hair extensions?

The quality of Eden hair extensions is hands down my biggest reason for loving them. They don’t compare to any others I’ve tried! So soft and silky, I’m just obsessed!

We hope you have enjoyed this interview a big thanks to this gorgeous woman; Eden Angel, Casee Brimblecombe!

Checkout Casee’s Social Media Profiles:



If you have any questions or would like help selecting your perfect Eden Extensions shade please contact us at hello@edenhairextensions.com.au

Much love,

Eden Hair Extensions

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