How to create Pin Curls


Do you want to have gorgeous curls, without having to use hot tools that may damage your hair? Or, do you want a curl that will finally hold in your hair? If your answer is yes, then this blog is for you. Today we will be showing you how to create beautiful pin curls.

Pin curls are a perfect heatless hairstyle that has been popular since the 1900s. Pin curls are easy to create, and will help you create beautiful Hollywood glam curls that will last you for days!

Is your hair too short to re-create this look or would you like more added thickness? We have you covered. You can add your very own Eden Hair Extensions to help you achieve this amazing look. Both Eden Clip In Hair Extensions and Eden Tape-In Hair Extensions are perfect for pin curls.

First, apply a generous amount of curling cream. This will help to define your pin curls, reduce any freeze and hold them in place.

pin curls step 1 - Eden Hair Extensions

Grab a two-inch section from the front of your head.

pin curls step 2 - Eden Hair Extensions
Roll your hair from the ends, inwards, and place a small clip towards the centre.
pin curls step 3 Eden Hair Extensions

Step 4: Repeat Rolling Process.

Continue to complete rolling your hair, until your hairline is filled with pin curls.

pin curls step 4 Eden Hair Extensions

Create sections on the side of your head and continue rolling.

pin curls step 5 Eden Hair Extensions

Now, section the back of your hair and place it in a ponytail or clip. Create two sections, at the nape of your neck, and continue to create pin curls.

pin curls step 6 Eden Hair Extensions

Step 7: Curl the rest of your hair. 

Undo the section of hair in a ponytail or clip and begin to complete the last pin curls.

pin curls step 7 Eden Hair Extensions

You can let your hair set for a couple of hours or let it set overnight. Once you are ready, unravel your pin curls one at a time for the best result.

pin curls step 8 Eden Hair Extensions

Step 9: Apply hair wax and serum. 

We recommend using a dime-size amount of hair wax to hold the curls and keep them long-lasting. We also like to apply some hair serum to reduce any frizz.

pin curls step 9 Eden Hair Extensions

You can choose to add your Eden Clip In Extensions at the beginning of this style however we prefer to repeat the above steps on our clip in wefts when they are out and then add them to our hair before we complete the entire look.

You can choose to brush your hair to give it a smoother, more classical Hollywood glam finish, or opt to not brush your hair for a more defined curl.
pin curls step 10 Eden Hair Extensions

Step 12: Set in place.

Spray a bit of hair spray to set your pin curls and keep them looking great for days!

pin curls step 11 Eden Hair Extensions
Voila! You’re all done. Now you can enjoy your gorgeous pin curls, whilst looking absolutely fabulous.
We hope you’ve enjoyed this blog and if you have any questions or need help selecting your perfect Eden Hair Extensions, please email us 
Have a wonderful day!

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