How to: Avoid Buying Ratchet Hair Extensions Online!


Welcome back to our most frequently asked questions series! Today we will be showing you how you can avoid buying ratchet hair extensions online!

We understand it can be a dilemma scrolling through pages of hair extensions online & knowing which one to choose. Thus, we have created this helpful guide that will ensure you always purchase quality hair extensions!

Does the company provide hair from single or multiple donors?

The first question you want to ask any hair extension company, that you are considering purchasing from, is “is your hair is from single or multiple donors”.  Hair from multiple hair donors means your extensions come from 5-10+ people. Not only are the textures different but the cuticles (outmost part of the hair shaft) will be going every which way and will matte and tangle. Single donor hair is the highest quality hair available. It is the most natural, silky, long-lasting hair available. If the hair is from a single donor, that means you’ve hit the jackpot!

Did you know that Eden Hair Extensions is the only company Australia-Wide to provide single-donor hair extensions? Read more sexy FAQs about Eden’s here:

If the Hair is Cheap…the Hair is Cheap!

We are all about finding a bargain but when it comes to extensions, you get what you pay for. Good quality extensions cost more because they are better; point blank. We recommend buying extensions from the $180 – $600 mark. Get the Chanel this time; it’s worth it.

Avoid Bad Mojo …Shop Ethically!

At Eden we are all about helping you look good & also do good. All Eden’s are ethically sourced. Each woman is given a wage that exceeds her weekly sometimes monthly income. Working with local women and collectors, we are the only hair extensions company in Australia to control our manufacturing process from start to finish.

We hope you have enjoyed this blog and now are a pro at buying hair extensions online. If you have any questions or would like help picking your perfect Eden shade we would love to hear from you at 

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