Race Day Chic - The 5 Hottest Hairstyles for Melbourne Cup

“Honey, I’m fabulous. Which is the same thing as being awesome, with sprinkles of glitter, splashed with I don’t care what you think. “
Melbourne Cup is just around the corner.  If you’re looking to stand out this Race day with minimal effort, we have 5 styles that you can’t say no to. These hairstyles are so chic and super simple to create.  
1.) Create Some Drama with a Crown.
Crown yourself this Race Day with a show-stopping sparkling piece. There are so many crown style headpieces out there this season, you will be sure to get one to suit your outfit perfectly. Like this gorge geometric styled crown.
Don’t have long to get yourself ready? Don’t worry this look is super simple and will have heads turning. You can either leave your hair long with luscious curls or in a simple tied back textured ponytail. Then, simply add the crown. See, Easy!
2.) Put some flower in the mix.
The floral look is everything this season and what better way to celebrate spring than utilizing the blooming flowers.  Do a sleek tie back ponytail and add a floral headpiece. Alternatively, create loose effortless waves and simply add flowers throughout.
3.) Stand out with Necklace.
Necklaces are so in trend right now! Plus, this look creates drama with very little effort. Just slightly tease your hair to create some volume and place your necklace on top of your luscious curls. Make sure to hold the necklace in place with bobby pins. Create even more texture with your curls by working some dry shampoo into the roots and finish off with some hairspray.
4.) Get the Jennifer Hawkins look.
If you’re running short of time, this look is exactly what you’re after. Not only is it totally in right now, but it also creates a sophisticated look with minimal effort. This is how easy! Simply start splitting your hair and spray volumising hairspray into each section, focussing on the roots. Curl then keep the curl tight and secure with a bobby pin until it is cooled down. Then release the curls to reveal your super luscious look. Finally, throw your hair onto the one side and securely place your hat on the other.
5.) It’s all about the hats with a textured side bun.
Oversized hats are always a favourite for race day as they give that glamorous and intriguing look. Slay it like Keagan, with a textured bun. Firstly, volumising your roots with either a spray or mousse. Curl your hair so it creates some body. Make a side part then loosely pull half your hair into a side low bun and twist, then secure with bobby pins. The leftover hair, grab in pieces and twist, remembering to pull at the side slightly to create volume. Then twist around the bun. Leave the end hanging to create this Keagan look. Leave some loose pieces around your face to create romantic vibes.
Do you need more thickness, length or texture to achieve your perfect Race Day hairstyle? We have you covered!
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