Beauty with Bec is an amazing example of a woman who knows how to juggle it all. As a wife, mother and beauty influencer; Bec is a modern day #SuperWoman.

When asked what motivates Bec to share her beauty tips & tricks on social media, Bec responded that she is inspired by her friends, family and followers. She loves to make women feel great about themselves and uses her Instagram and blog as a modality for this. She is an example to all women and professes that “whether you are sleep deprived Mum or even a beginner makeup user you don’t need to be a professional, to create looks on yourself that make you feel great.You just need to be armed with a few of your favourite products and some handy application tips.” Amen to that!!

Bec Wears:

220g Eden Dark Brown Clip Ins

Fun Fact About Bec :

The hotter the better! Bec has a self-confessed “weird” obsession with Jalapeno peppers.


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