There’s nothing that quite says ‘new you’ like a fresh hair style. For lovers of experimentation and flirting with different ‘do’s, hair extensions are a MUST! But if you have shorter locks you might hesitate to try hair extensions. Don’t! Hair extensions can be just as easy to use and are a gorgeous addition to any shorter cut.



What are the advantages to using hair extensions with short hair?

Clip in hair extensions for short hairHair is the one part of us that we can get tired of the quickest. Rather than stress about cutting or dying your hair, using hair extensions is a quick, easy way to breathe life into your look and lift your mood.

Or maybe you’re trying to grow out a short cut and are in that awkward too short and too long stage…well using hair extensions can help mask the stages of your hair growth…and when you’ve achieved the right length you won’t want to take them out!

How do you blend clip-in hair extensions with short hair?

Blending hair extensions with short hair is all about balance - balancing lengths and thickness. As there is a noticeable difference in lengths between your natural hair and your extensions, a good amount of effort needs to go into achieving a natural look.

  1. Choose a variety of extension lengths within a range of about four inches.
  2. Start by back combing your hair at the roots.
  3. Then, ensure that you install your extension wefts in even increments starting towards the back of your head about 2-3 inches from the nape of your neck, going upwards in horizontal lines to a little under the crown of your head as well as on the sides of your head above your ears.
  4. Try not to put any wefts too close to the crown of your hair because your hair naturally parts at the crown and will show the clips.
  5. After you have installed your extensions, back comb to create volume and cover any sight of the clips.
  6. You can now style your hair!

Beautify long hair extensions for short hair

Get These Clip In Hair Extensions for that stunning new look!

    Five tips to keep in mind when using hair extensions on short hair.

    1. Your hair must be at least 3-4 inches long

    The tops of all hair extensions are attached to your head using clips or sticky strips which are slightly thicker than the hair extensions themselves. If your hair is less than 3-4 inches long, these clips may be visible through your shorter hair…especially on a windy day! So 3-4 inches of hair is necessary in order to cover the clips and keep you looking chic. Also, the shorter your hair is, the harder it is to blend in hair extensions. The shorter the hair, the choppier your look will turn out.

    2. The extension must blend

    This one seems a tad obvious but it’s surprising how many extension users don’t blend their extensions into their natural hair enough to create a natural look. To start off, the colour of the hair extensions needs to match your natural hair colour. Also, remember that the larger the difference in lengths is between your natural hair and the hair extensions, the harder it will be to blend your hair extensions. Try not to use anything longer than 20 inch extensions.

    3. Don’t use synthetic hair

    While you may consider synthetic hair extensions for their relatively cheaper price, make sure you count the styling cost. Because synthetic hair extensions are made using plastic fibres they cannot be dyed. Therefore, colour matching the extensions to your natural hair is vital. Also, due to the plastic products used, most synthetic hair cannot be styled using heat and also becomes matted and damaged if slept in. In contrast, extensions made from human hair react in the same way as your normal hair does to washing, sleeping, heating, curling, and dying. Also, while synthetic extensions may last up to 6 months, human hair extensions will last you over a year, making them a smart investment for any extension-user.

    4. Style your tresses with the extension clipped in

    Assuming you’ve made the wise choice to use human hair extensions, then styling your hair is a breeze. All you need to do is use your usual flat iron, curling iron, or hair dryer to style your hair the way you normally would. Clip in extensions are strong so you can even braid your hair or style it into an up-do. By styling your hair with the extensions clipped in, you transform your hair into a natural, put-together look.  This is simply not possible with synthetic hair as your styling tools will damage the extensions.

    5. For more complicated and layered cuts, have your hairdresser layer your extensions

    Layering your extensions evenly can be a challenge when you have short hair. If you attach the extension wefts unevenly or crookedly the result will be unnatural, ‘lumpy’ looking hair…not a good look! Especially if you have a ‘blunt’ cut such as a one-length bob, your extensions will be very noticeable unless professionally attached.

    To ensure your hair ends up looking chic and beautiful for these complicated cuts, a good option is to leave it up to your hairdresser and have them layer (and colour if need be) your extensions. If your hair extensions are long, there will be a large difference in length between your natural hair and your extensions; a professional can cut the right lengths and variety of layers to create a fuller, more natural look and help to blend the extensions in.

    The difference clip in hair extensions can make on shorter hairIf you’re worried about having a DIY looking haircut, you can always spend the extra money and have it done professionally.

    If you keep these tips in mind, along with a bit of practice then hair extensions can be a really useful tool in your hair styling ‘arsenal’. So get practicing and be sure to let us know how you go! We’d love to hear your comments, questions or experiences below.

    It’s that time of the year again. The Met Gala's, where our favourite celebrities walk the red carpet in this season’s hottest looks. This year's theme was Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology! Bedazzled jewels, tones of silver and grey and bold & edgy hairstyles have made 2016 Met Gala's our favourite to date. Here are 5 of our favourite looks from this year’s Fashion Extravaganza. 

    Poppy Delevingne in Marchesa

    Poppy Delevingne, the older sister of our favourite, quirky model turned actress Cara Delevingne, always knows how to make a statement. Adorned from top-to-toe in gunmetal jewels, the naked-style dress features a plunging neckline and falls into a flapper style bottom. Poppy, finishing off this look immaculately with poker straight bleach blonde locks.

    Kylie Jenner in Balmain 
    The 18-year-old fashion mogul and beauty icon walked the red carpet in an embellished Balmain dress that featured nude illusion panels and feather details. Kylie rocked a chin-length bob—which was a customized wig by the super talented Tokyo Stylez. We just love how Kylie often compliments her look with stylized hair extensions

    Taylor Swift's - Edgier Look
    We are so in love with Tay Tays recent edgier and fashion forward style. She has gone from the sweet girl next door to a sexy, femme fatale. These knee high heels, paired with this leg bearing dress are doing the most. Not to mention Taylor's new platinum bob; we just can not get enough of her new look. 

    Rita Ora in Vera Wang

    This look had our heads turning. Rita is known for her outlandish textures and colours but opted for a more sophisticated look in Vera Wang this year, and we love it. Cascading, silver feathers paired with see-through cut outs gives us both sex appeal & class. We also adore how this stand out dress was complicated with a sleek and simple low bun. You've nailed it girl!

    Gigi Hadid & Zayn Malik
    Making their red carpet debut, Gigi & Zayn could not have looked any cuter. Clearly loved up and looking gorgeous. Gigi wearing this beautiful sequenced and sheer number. Immaculately accessorized with dirty blonde clip in extension to give her this gloriously thick & elegant low ponytail. While Zayn is totally channeling Prince Charming with his armor like arm embellishments. We may be bias, as we live for a great love story, but this is our favorite look from this years 2016 Met Gala's. 

    What do you think? What is your favorite look from the 2016 Met Gala's?
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    For the averag e woman, changing up her shoes and purses are a daily/weekly requirement but when you are a Jenner, average is not acceptable. You have to take it a step further; you have to be a “King” which is why it is no surprise this Jenner (@kyliejenner) has over 57 million Instagram followers.

    With so many fashions-forward Instagram models, what makes Kylie heart-worthy? Her flawless makeup and fashionable clothing?  Could be, but we can’t help but notice when it comes to hair, Kylie knows how to work her look to fit every occasion. Whether she is out and about taking care of day-to-day business, or spotted by the paparazzi hitting the hottest nightclubs in town, Kylie’s tresses are perfectly laid becoming her best accessory. 

    From her signature short and trendy style to her long and colourful look, thanks to the combination of her amazing hairstylist, Tokyo Stylez, and clip in hair extensions, she is always receiving praises.

    So how is she using hair extensions as a quick accessory? Well, as a young woman that likes to play with style, clip in hair extensions allows her to switch up her look from short to long without over thinking it.

    Although Kylie may have an amazing stylist, many of her long lock fashion are quite simple to achieve on your own with Eden Hair Extensions Clip Ins. If you follow this great video below, created by celebrity make-up artist & Eden Angel Gemma Isabella and our quick tips to flawless clip in extensions application below, you too can achieve your inner “King Kylie” and make your hair your new accessory. 

    What do you think of clip in hair extensions? Do you dare to wear?


    Why does Gemma Isabella, Instagram Beauty Sensation and Celebrity Make-Up Artist,  love her Eden Hair Extensions? " Eden Hair Extensions are by far the best Clip In Extensions I have ever tried. They are so soft, thick & easy to put in. I love my short hair but I also love changing it up with my Eden Clip In Extensions'' Gemma Isabella


    Step 1: Separate Your Hair-  Starting at the lower back section of your head use a fishtail comb or your finger to horizontally part you hair.

    Step 2: Placement of the First Weft: Take one of your Eden Clip In extensions, 4 clipped or 3 clipped (depending on the size of your head) and firmly place and snap shut the clips. 

    Step 3: Create a New Parting: Repeat steps 1 & 2 until you get to the top of your head. 

    Step 4: Seamless Blending: At the top of your head use the four, one clip wefts to blend any layers & frame your face. 

    Step 5: Style as Desired: You can braid, flat iron, curl or do an up-do with your Eden Clip In Extensions. The possibilities are endless. 

    We hope this article has helped you learn how to unleash your inner King Kylie and achieve all of your hair dreams.

    Much love, 

    The Eden Hair Extensions Team

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