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Ponytail Ash Blonde

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Ponytail Bleach Blonde

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Ponytail Dirty Blonde

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Ponytail Chestnut Brown

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Ponytail Chocolate Brown

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Ponytail Dark Brown

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Ponytail Mocha Brown

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Ponytail Off Black

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Ponytail Jet Black

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Checkout these reviews & discover why you’ll love your Eden’s

Why Choose Eden?

Luxury, hand-crafted extensions and a service provided with love.

Are you considering buying hair extensions but not sure if it's worth taking the plunge? Maybe you’re frustrated with having hair that won’t grow past a certain length, no matter how patient, caring and gentle you are. Eden ethically source their hair from every corner of the globe to bring women the highest quality Virgin hair extensions to look their best all year round! Our mission is to offer all women, of every ethnicity and background, an opportunity to fully express themselves. Whether that’s with long hair, short hair, curly hair or a gorgeous new colour, we want all women to feel powerful and confident with our Eden Hair Extensions.

We Get You

As women we live busy and demanding lives. When we finally take time out for ourselves we want to feel valued and special. That is why we are committed to giving you the best experience, service, and product – because you deserve it.

Best Quality

Parisian silk wefts, handpicked bundles, 30% thicker hair than other extensions, that last you 1 year or more. Only the best for our Eden Angels.

Catered To You

Colour samples, online colour matching, worldwide shipping and next day delivery, no risk 30 day returns or exchanges, AfterPay. Shopping online for hair extensions is made easy with us. Have the salon experience in the comfort of your own home.

Are you ready to mix up your style?

Perfect for workdays, weekends and special events, the iconic ponytail is the perfect look for 2019. Whether you are craving a perky high ponytail or a stylishly braided ponytail, at Eden Hair Extensions we are ready to help you create the hair of your dreams.

Our clip in ponytail extensions is the perfect way to transform your ponytail in minutes.


Ponytail Hair Extensions

Made from the premium quality real human hair, our ponytail extensions are 20” in length and offer luxurious volume with supreme shine. The clip in ponytail extensions are 120 grams in thickness, double drawn and triple wefted to ensure you will be the style icon of any event.

Ridiculously easy to use and style, we are so excited about our range of ponytail extensions because we know that you are going to love them.

Achieve your dream pony in minutes!

We take great pride in being the only company worldwide to offer single donor extensions. Our commitment to 100% ethical sourcing of our hair products is at the core of our company. Our ponytail extensions are sourced from volunteer donors in India who are fully compensated for donation.

How To Clip In Your Ponytail Extensions

We do not use synthetic hair.

These are real human hair extensions that will provide you with the very best results. Our unique construction techniques and premium quality real human hair ensures that your Eden ponytail will not tangle, matte or shed.

For the most natural looking ponytail, rely on our class-leading ponytail hair extensions.

We use natural and hypoallergenic products and dyes to ensure that extensions surpass even the highest expectations. Glamorous shine and rich, deep colours are hallmarks of our highly acclaimed hair extensions.

With our expert styling guides, our ponytail extensions will keep you looking pretty, polished and perfectly styled.

Dark Brown Ponytail ExtensionsWhy Are Eden Hair Extensions The Best Ponytail Extensions?

Single donor bundles, triple wefted, shed/tangle free extensions that can last up to one year or more. The fact that our extensions use premium quality Remy human hair ensures they can be washed, dyed, blow dried and styled to create the perfect look for any event.

Our durable clips with silicone grips ensure they are simple to use and excellent value for money. Luxuriously soft, silky and with superior shine, you can bring your dream hairstyle to life with our 5-star rated extensions.

Which Shade Is Best For You?

We have 11 elegant colours to ensure you can get the perfect colour match. Our range includes Ash Blonde, Bleach Blonde, Dirty Blonde, Chestnut Brown, Chocolate Brown, Dark Brown, Mocha Brown, Off Black and Jet Black. You will love the rich multi-tonal colours of our extensions. They will effortlessly blend with your hair creating luxuriously lengthy hairstyles. Are you debating which colour is right for you? Take a photo of your hair in natural lighting and email us the photo to Within 24 hours we will get back to you with our advice on the best shade for you. Our expert technicians have a 99.9% accuracy rate, so we are confident we can help you find the best possible extensions for your style. We also offer colour samples if you would like to test our colours in different settings and lighting conditions.

Blonde Ponytail ExtensionsWhat Is The Exchange Policy On Our Ponytail Extensions?

We stand by the quality and craftsmanship of our ponytail extensions, so we take delight in providing a risk-free 60-day exchange and returns policy. Our team is committed to doing everything in our power to ensure you are provided with the very best hair extensions available in Australia.

Are Our Ponytail Extensions Ethically Sourced?

If you have looked around our site, undoubtedly you will have noticed that we are firmly resolved to only provide hair pieces that are 100% ethically sourced. We have invested heavily into our Eden Angels program to ensure that each and every one of our hair donors is suitably compensated for the donation of their hair. When you purchase one of our ponytail hair extensions you can have complete confidence that you are supporting the economy of women worldwide.

How Can You Style Your Eden Ponytail Extensions?

One of the reasons why so many Australian beauty experts and icons love our hair extensions is that they are easy to use and style. You can dye or tone your hair extensions before you use them to create your own signature look. We recommend using a heat protectant spray before using hot tools to straighten or style your hair. Our experts suggest cleaning your hair extensions every 10-15 wears or more frequently if you use a lot of product on them.

Eden High Ponytail Style

Would you like to discover how some of our favourite beauty stars use their Eden ponytail extensions to create iconic styles? Visit our 3 Five Minute Ponytail Looks to discover the tips and tricks to create the perfect low sleek ponytail, high ponytail and the ubiquitous Arian Grande style.

Are you ready to stop reading and start shopping?

Come and discover our revolutionary new range of hand-crafted ponytail extensions today.

5 Reasons You Are Going To Love Our Ponytail Extensions

Low Ponytail Look

  1. Buy Now, Pay Later With AfterPay
  2. Luxuriously Soft & Silky Real Human Hair
  3. Durable Design That Lasts Up To A Year
  4. Free Shipping And Delivery For Orders Over $179
  5. Generous Returns & Exchange Policy

Now is the time to achieve the hairstyle of your dreams. Don’t wait months or years for your hair to grow out. In just minutes you can transform your hairstyle into an effortlessly glamorous look with our luxurious hair extensions. Join thousands of women worldwide who are using our A-grade quality hair extensions to create head-turning looks.

Boost your confidence with our signature Eden Hair Extensions ponytails. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate in contacting us. We would love to assist you in making your dream hairstyle come to reality.