Local Sydney girl Gemma Isabella is the go-to girl for all things makeup inspo and tutorials. Having only been on Instagram for 2 years and YouTube for less than one, Gemma’s has skyrocketed her fan base to just shy of 1 Million followers. If you want to know how to get your highlight on fleek or contour your face like a pro, Eden Angel Gemma Isabella will show you the way! Not only is Gemma an amazing makeup artist but has also recently become a girl boss, opening her very own makeup company. We love our female entrepreneurs here at Eden, you go girl!

Influencer extension set:

Chestnut Brown #6

Influencer fun fact:

When Gemma isn’t glamming faces, and teaching us how to create the perfect smokey eye you can catch her deadlifting her own body weight at the gym. Can we say #girlcrush.