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Beauty with Bec

  • Beauty with Bec
Beauty with Bec Beauty with Bec is an amazing example of a woman who knows how to juggle it all.
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Amea May

  • Amea May
Amea May Eden Angel Amea May is absolute #beautygoals. From DIY tutorials, clothing hauls, makeup tutorials and reviews, Amea knows
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Kara Tran

  • Kara Tran
Kara Tran What does Kara have to say about her Eden's: Eden Angel Kara Tran is an inspiration and the
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Skye Wheatley

  • Skye Wheatley
Skye Wheatley Skye initially won the hearts of people Australia- wide, when she was a part of Big Brother
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Lily Jay

  • Lily Jay
Lily Jay Eden Angel, Lily Jay is an Internationally renowned dancer and social media sensation with over 400K Instagram followers.
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  • La'Tecia
La'Tecia Self-acceptance, body confidence and a desire to inspire women to embrace themselves at any size, is what our gorgeous
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Jacks Sanchez

  • Jacks Sanchez
Jacks Sanchez Who runs the world? Girls…Instagram Beauty Influencer Jack Sanchez is a living example that you can have
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Gemma Isabelle Lepre

  • Gemma Isabelle Lepre
Gemma Isabelle Lepre Local Sydney girl Gemma Isabella is the go-to girl for all things makeup inspo and tutorials.
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Erin Scott

  • Erin Scott
Erin Scott Beauty and lifestyle influencer Erin Scott is the perfect gal pal. You know that friend that you would
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Casee Brimblecombe

  • Casee Brimblecombe
Casee Brimblecombe We love our local Sydney girl, Eden Angel Casee Brimblecombe. Casee has shot to social media stardom with
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Angela Heng

  • Angela Heng
Angela Heng Angela Heng is one of Australia’s hottest, up and coming social media influencers. Being a self-taught makeup