What is Double Drawn, Triple-Wefted, Remy Clip In Hair?

Double Drawn, Triple-Wefted, Remy Clip In Hair is the thickest, highest grade of Clip In human hair available. It is the most sought after type of Clip In hair because it is the softest, thickest most realistic looking clip in extension, blending with its wearer’s hair seamlessly. It is also adorned for it beautiful lustre, silkiness and longevity.

So what does Remy Hair mean?

Remy means that the cuticle is intact and that all the cuticles flow in the same direction from root to the tip. Because of this process the hair doesn’t tangle or mat which allows for you to enjoy the hair longer

Eden Clip In Hair Extensions use only the finest quality Remy Human Hair, which means that the hair has been carefully collected to ensure that the cuticles align in the same direction.  Remy Clip-In hair is by far the highest quality of Clip In hair on the market.

So what does Triple Wefted Clip In mean?

Eden Hair Extensions is proud to be a provider of Triple-Wefted Clip Ins which is the thickest most luxurious hair on the market. So what is Triple Wefted Clip Ins? Triple- Wefted Clip Ins means that each clip-in piece will have three rows of hair sewn to it which allows for the hair to be fuller and thicker than the standard double wefted clip (which is provided by most major suppliers). Eden Clip-In Hair uses state of the art lace (which the hair is sewn to) from Korea which minimising shedding and allows for you to enjoy your extensions for longer. Triple Wefted Clip Ins is the quickest way to add volume and texture to your hair in moments.

So what does Double Drawn Clip In mean?

Double Drawn hair means that the lengths of the individual strands are measured to the same length. Shorter strands or fly are always removed from the hair which make the hair thick from root to tip. All of Eden Hair Extensions are double drawn therefore you will have beautiful hair from root to tip giving you maximum volume and allure.

Our Mission

Eden Hair Extensions is absolutely focused on bring you the best, Why? Because you are a Queen and your joy and fulfillment matters to us. The greatest thing about long beautiful hair is that it can add an additional dimension to your beauty, it can help reignite the vixen in you and help remind you of your beauty. We know how important hair is to self-esteem and confidence therefore we take our responsibility in finding YOU the best very seriously. We look so forward to you having the Eden Clip In Hair experience and we look forward to serving you the finest, most luxurious Hair for years to come. 



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