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How to Remove Tape Hair Extensions: Step by Step.

tape in extensions can be tricky because it usually requires a hair specialist or a hair salon to do it for you. But removing your tapes is a whole different story. You can do this on your own, and right in the comfort of your own house. 

There is just one important thing that you need to have in order to complete the process: a hair extension tape remover. Now, if you already have such a product and you are ready to remove your tape in extensions all by yourself, then here are some easy steps to follow:

  1. Expose the tape-ins; move your hair out of the way. 

For you to be able to remove the tape on your own, you must, of course, know where it is. It will help if you are standing in front of a mirror so you will be guided on where the tape is located if ever you are having a hard time finding them. Make sure to put your hair out of the way so it cannot cause you any trouble or hassle once you are in the process of removing your extensions

Pro tip: use sturdy hair clips in getting your hair out of the way. This will keep your hair from distracting you as you go along with the process.

  1. Using your hair extension tape remover, saturate the tape.

Your hair extension tape remover is an oil-based product that will help in dissolving the glue that is holding your extensions in place. By spraying your tape remover to the glued area, the remover will start .

Note: Not all hair extension tape removers are spray-friendly. Some products are designed to be dripped or poured. It is important for you to choose the product that best suits your needs.

  1. Carefully check if the hair extension has been loosened.

After applying the hair extension tape remover, gently check if you can now move your hair extensions from their original place. If the tape in hair extensions are moving, it means that you have successfully loosened its glue. Remember that when wiggling or tugging, a strong or forceful pull may damage your hair or your extensions. 

  1. Add more hair extension tape remover.

To further loosen up the tape in the hair extension glue, you may want to reapply more of the hair extension tape remover, and let it sit so the glue can absorb the remover even more. By patiently doing this, it will be easier for you to remove all the tape in hair extensions.

  1. Gently remove the tape.

After you have applied and reapplied the hair extension tape remover, the chance is higher that the glue is now loose. Using your hands, you may now then peel away the extension tape from your natural hair.

If, however, the glue has not loosened enough after several applications of your extension remover product, then the product may not be right for you, or of low quality. The next best thing to do is to find a different brand, which preferably has good reviews, and then repeat the process.

  1. Remove all tape in hair extensions.

Once you have checked that your extension removal product is working for you, you may then repeat the process in all of your tape in hair extensions–keeping in mind to remove each extension section in a gentle manner.

  1. Properly apply hair conditioning. 

After you have successfully removed all the tape in hair extensions, it is natural for your hair to feel sticky and oily at the same time. To resolve this issue, you have to wash your hair like you normally do but this time, use a conditioner- deep conditioner if your hair is on the dry side- for your hair to stay moisturized and properly conditioned.  It would also help if you continuously brush your hair from roots to tips while letting your hair strands soak and absorb the conditioner.

Now that you have removed all the tape in extensions, set your extensions aside and remember that you can still reuse them. You just have to replace the tape, and have it re-installed and/or re-styled by your chosen and reliable hair salon!  

Thank you for taking your time to review our blog today, if you have any questions or need help selecting your perfect Eden Hair Extensions, please email us at hello@edenhairextensions.com.au

Have a great day!

Love, EDEN xoxo


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